Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mustard Sauce

Nonna's Recipe Book page 3

Mustard Sauce on Corned Silverside/Beef

Mustard Sauce
Served with Corned Silverside

1 tabs dry english mustard powder
1 tabs plain flour
1 tabs sugar
2 tabs white vinegar
1 egg
1 cup or more of cooking liquid from the corned silverside

1. Mix mustard,  flour, and sugar with vinegar and a little extra water if necessary
2. Add the beaten egg and whisk into the cooking liquid in a small saucepan
3. Stir well and let simmer for one minute
4. Serve with hot corned beef
(Source: Nonna's Cookbook)

Corned Beef simmering
Corned Beef (Silverside)
1piece corned beef, it is usually silverside
1 tsp vinegar
6 cloves
12 peppercorns
1 bay leaf

1. Wash the meat to remove some of the salt
2. Allow 40 mins cooking time for each 500g
3. Place meat into a pot of warm water and bring to simmering point
4. Skim froth off and discard, as it comes to the boil
5. Add other ingredients and cook gently for prescribed time
6. Serve hot with Mustard sauce or if serving cold, cool in the liquid
(Source: p27 The Commonsense Cookery Book)

The sauce asks for english mustard powder (Keens),  I never use it so I  added a good tablespoon of grainy mustard instead and reduced the vinegar to 1 tabs, it is a lovely sauce.  So often in this book I am surprised that the good old fashioned recipes are just so good. Am I getting old?
The whole family really enjoyed this meal, I haven't had corned beef for many years, a delicious meal for a change. Pretty simple to prepare, my mother-in-law just cooks the meat "very slowly, with nothing added to the water," but I enjoyed the aromas of clove and bay in the kitchen, the point is don't stress if you don't have everything available.


  1. I can remember loving Mum's corned beef with the mustard sauce, mashed potato and carrots and peas. So simple yet so hearty and tasty! It was certainly one of Dad's (Pop's) favorites. Keep up the great work - its such a trip down memory lane!

  2. Let me know how your family enjoy this old fashioned treat! XX

  3. Cooked this a few nights ago and it was greatly appreciated by Peter who likes the old fashioned meat recipes. I did a white sauce with onion and dijon mustard and it was quite delicious :)

  4. yes it is VERY old fashioned, my kids looked at it wondering what it was, I think I have deprived them of some classics, it is time to catch up on a few, more to come...