Monday, September 27, 2010

Belgian Bun

A favourite cake that Nonna baked when we were young, I can still smell the nuts roasting on top as it baked.  A really simple recipe that doesn't appear in her recipe books. I think Mum knew it so well she didn't need a copy in latter years.  So I'm delighted that my sister Lucy can supply the recipe, the photos, and her experiences!

Belgian Bun, baked golden brown

Extract from Lucy's cooking book,
with Mum's recipes copied when aged 17
From Lucy...
"Herewith the Belgian Bun creation.  It is so simple as per recipe in my book pictured.  I have pictured each stage to show the dough etc.  You literally just fold everything together and press into the tin.  I used the electric hand beaters for a minute just to blend in the butter and egg and then used my hands to meld it together.   Mum used a round cake tin and I like that but didn't have one available so used a small baking dish 30cm long and so I doubled the recipe to fill it.  Mum said white caster sugar but I found raw caster sugar the other day for the first time so used this instead.  The jam can be anything - in this case it was strawberry mixed with left over fig and ginger jam.  The nuts Mum used were either walnuts or skinned almonds.  Baking temp was 170degrees centigrade and for about 30 mins till golden brown.  Too much baking makes it dry and uninteresting!  Hope you like this!  It was so often cooked in Mum's kitchen and a favorite for family picnics."

Belgian Bun

½ cup Castor Sugar
75g Butter
1 egg
 cups Self Raising Flour
Raspberry Jam
Walnuts or Blanched Almonds for topping

1. Preheat oven to 170ºC
2. Cream the Butter and Sugar until well combined
3. Add Egg and mix well
4. Fold in Flour , until all combined and divide mixture in half
5. Press one half into greased round cake tin
6. Spread Jam over the mixture
7. Press 2nd half of mixture over the jam
8. Press nuts onto the top and bake 30 mins
9. Enjoy and eat same day

Dough ingredients

Dough texture

First layer with jam

Second layer on top of jam; ready to bake

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