Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pumpkin, Tomato and White Bean Soup

In this section of the blog I starting a food diary of what I am cooking in my home when I'm not cooking from Mum's recipe book.  

Often the best meals come when I am just looking in the pantry creating a meal out of what is available.  Tonight there was a pot of pumpkin soup that I had quickly made on Sunday morning, I had made some lovely fresh Chicken stock and added a piece of sauteed pumpkin, ginger, garlic.  I didn't really have enough pumpkin for the amount of stock, so I put this unfinished soup in the fridge for "later on".  It was only 13'C today in Adelaide and soup was what we needed.  
I reheated the pumpkin broth (watery soup) and added a tub of left over tomato salsa (tinned tomato, fresh tomato, garlic, basil leaves) that I had made for bruschetta on the weekend.  Then I added a generous amount of ground coriander, a can of white cannellini beans and a dollop of cream.  A quick zap with the bamix, a grind of black pepper and it is done.


  1. Hey Jane, nicely penned. Lovely to see a pic of your mum and dad and to hear some family memories. Will have to try some of these recipes as there seems to be some good comfort food amongst them. I'll be thinking of your wonderful mum. xxx Juliette

  2. Delicious soup, nice for a cold Adelaide winter