Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swiss Bliss

1 kg (2lbs) Blade or Chuck steak
1 tabs butter
1 pkt French Onion Soup Mix
½ green Capsicum (Pepper)
2 Tomatoes
½ cup Tomato Juice
1 tabs Worcestershire Sauce*
Salt & Pepper
1 tabs Cornflour

Arrange meat pieces in the centre of large sheet of buttered alfoil,
I found that 2 alfoil parcels was easier to handle. Over the meat
sprinkle soup mix, chopped Capsicum and sliced Tomatoes,
season with Salt & Pepper, mix Tomato Juice
and Cornflour pour over meat,
seal with ends of alfoil, place envelope in shallow baking dish,
bake 2 hours in mod oven 170ºC,  sprinkle with chopped Parsley before serving,

Swiss Bliss is surprisingly good!  I always thought that braising steaks needed a lot of liquid for them to tenderise sufficiently to my liking, we used Oyster Blade steak and it was melt in the mouth, and lovely flavours. I don’t usually buy tomato juice, no one will drink it and the only container I located was a 1 litre can.  Wishing not to waste the left over juice that I’m sure would have decayed in the back of our fridge I used tomato puree instead and included a dessertspoon of water.

* “Lea & Perrins” brand Worcestershire sauce is the one Dad loved in his homemade cocktail sauce for Sydney Rock Oysters: Tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Lemon juice, Pepper and Salt and a dash of Cream. Delicious X


  1. This was a great hit in our house. Peter and I had it two nights in a row with mashed potato/pumpkin and steamed greens. I used tomato paste with some water as like most I didn't have tomato juice. A fellow co-worker here at ipac had a look at the recipe and has cooked it twice as her family loved it!

  2. Great to hear that this was enjoyed by many... we are going to a Swiss restaurant tonight, I'll be looking for this dish!