Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken Raymond

This is the first recipe in Mum’s book, when we were really young, roast chicken was such a treat that it was only served on special occasions.  It then became really exotic when Mum started to make Sauce Raymond.  The original recipe came from “The Gretta Anna Recipes” (1978 Quando Pty.Ltd. & Gretta Anna Teplitzky).  Mum always used tinned champignons, I used to love their sliminess now I cannot stand them and use fresh mushrooms.  The sauce is a lovely balance of flavours, no one ingredient should dominate.

Sauce Raymond
To serve with Roast Chicken
Place in a saucepan – 1½ cups chicken stock and ½ pkt sour cream* – thicken with 3 teasps cornflour (mixed in small amount of water) – now add 1 or 2 egg yolks – then add 4oz tinned champignon mushrooms (or sauté 1 cup thinly sliced mushrooms) – 2 tabs sautéed split almonds – 2 tabs sm pieces fried bacon – 1 tabs lemon juice – chopped parsley.  When reheating do not boil.
* refers to the old 300g squat carton, equivalent to 150g sour cream
(tabs = tablespoon)


  1. Looks delicious. I will try that this weekend.
    One question. When you saute the almonds do you use oil in the frypan or just dry?
    Thanks for the recipe. Keep them coming!

  2. toasted almonds... Mum used to toast them in some butter in a small fry pan, you could use oil or leave the pan dry, also you can toast nuts in the oven, just be careful that you shake them every 2 minutes as they will burn very easily X

  3. Just looking at the picture makes me drooool!!! Can't wait for my man to cook it for this wet and chilly Sydney weekend!!!! Go Jane!!!! xx

  4. Welcome to the blog Annette, we too have a very cool weekend and I'll blog about what I've cooked as we have a 21st birthday to celebrate X

  5. We enjoyed Chicken Raymond last night. Really tasty. It got thumbs up from all the family.XX

  6. Thought I posted a comment here some time ago but obviously didn't do it properly. This recipe is a bit different to what I remember. It may have been a development on her original but I kept making it with a white sauce with half stock, half milk. I have cooked this many times over the last 35 years so it is interesting to read this. I substituted champignons with field mushrooms for their stronger flavour. When roasting the chicken I always put half an apple and half a lemon iside the chicken and just rub the chicken with a little olive oil and sea salt and pepper. Very YUM. :)